Top Soil & Gravel Supply


Top Soil

We also have clean Topsoil available for use around homes and for Turf preparation.


We currently have three Gravel pits in operation. We have materials for your driveway right through to your sub-division. We have bulk Fill as supplied to the new Orange Hospital site (100,000 ton) right down to our fine white or yellow Gravel for small driveways and circles in front of homes. We on-sell materials to the public, other contractors or Councils. We can supply the following:
  • 20mm Fines
  • 20mm – 40mm Rural Gravel
  • DGS20 Sub Base Gravel with CBR testing results included in bulk orders
  • Bulk Fill for House / Shed Sites
  • Blends to achieve 90 CBR Gravel for your base coarse if stabilised.

Crusher Bucket

Do you have Gravel on your property that you currently can’t use? Do you have oversize material in your Pit that you can’t on-sell because of its current size? We use an Allu crusher bucket that can size your material to 20-40mm nominal size. Using our CAT 330DL Excavator, we can rip, stock pile and crush your material to use on your own property. pic_crusherpic_crusher3pic_crusher4

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